Important: Account Upgrades

We have made some changes to our hosting. We now only offer one hosting package, and this package has been upgraded quite significantly. Before you got 250 MB of storage, and 3 GB of monthly bandwidth. You now get 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of monthly bandwidth.


$2 Website Hosting Just got better

We’ve doubled the amount of disk space you get on our $2 package, up from 100 MB to 200 MB and the available bandwidth from 1000 MB to 3000 MB!


Other plans have also changed.


Now offering Unlimited Hosting and a free Domain Name for $20/month!


$2 Website Hosting!!

We’ve changed our pricing for website hosting. Instead of $10/month for the basic hosting package, now it’s only $2/month.

This is not an introductory rate, and there are no catches. That’s right, $2 website hosting for life!

This introductory package lands you 100 megabytes of  storage (enough for most basic websites. Everything you see in this site is taking up only 80 megabytes. That’s including the billing portion as well) and also 1 gigabyte of bandwidth (pleanty of bandwidth for most websites) and unlimited email accounts!

This package also includes CPanel, and a Quickinstall tool which will make it extremely easy for you to set up a fully functioning websites in a matter of no time. Using these tools you won’t have to do any coding.
What does this mean?
Save your money! Don’t hire a website developer until you’ve first tried setting up your website!

If you need help designing a logo, or web page banner, visit Bobbi’s Corner for design ideas, or to even request a logo.

Place Orders Online!

Place Orders Online!

You can now place orders online! This includes our hosting service, and domain registration! Please visit this page or click the Order link above to order your hosting package now!

If you’re already set up with us, you can also go to this page or use the customer login to the right to make payments online, add packages, or view and modify your account with us!

Quick Install

The Quickinstall feature allows you, the user, to install some very complex programs automatically to your new website. Installing web apps has never been easier with Quickinstall! Apps range anywhere from Joomla! to WordPress, to VTiger. All of your needs are just a click away!

See more information here.


Cpanel is a product that comes with your account here at ODell Hosting. You will find this a very important tool in the ease of setting up and maintaining your own personal website. That’s right, with CPanel you can easily build your own website and maintain it by yourself! This will save you lots of money in the long run.

Learn more about CPanel here.

Website Hosting starting at $10/month

Currently the only way to set up an account is by contacting me directly at with your name and some details of what you would like. Pricing starts at $10/month for a basic hosting plan, good for personal websites, blogs, and other basic website options. Learn more by visiting our information page.