$2 Website Hosting!!

We’ve changed our pricing for website hosting. Instead of $10/month for the basic hosting package, now it’s only $2/month.

This is not an introductory rate, and there are no catches. That’s right, $2 website hosting for life!

This introductory package lands you 100 megabytes of ¬†storage (enough for most basic websites. Everything you see in this site is taking up only 80 megabytes. That’s including the billing portion as well) and also 1 gigabyte of bandwidth (pleanty of bandwidth for most websites) and unlimited email accounts!

This package also includes CPanel, and a Quickinstall tool which will make it extremely easy for you to set up a fully functioning websites in a matter of no time. Using these tools you won’t have to do any coding.
What does this mean?
Save your money! Don’t hire a website developer until you’ve first tried setting up your website!

If you need help designing a logo, or web page banner, visit Bobbi’s Corner¬†for design ideas, or to even request a logo.